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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    7 February 2015Board attributes, corporate social responsibility strategy, and corporate environmental and social performance  Shaukat, Amama; Qiu, Yan; Trojanowski, Grzegorz
    2014Board governance and corporate performance in the UK  Shaukat, Amama; Trojanowski, Grzegorz
    24 May 2008Equity block transfers in transition economies: evidence from Poland  Trojanowski, Grzegorz
    2011Managerial remuneration and disciplining in the UK: a tale of two governance regimes  Renneboog, Luc; Trojanowski, Grzegorz
    4 November 2010Patterns in payout policy and payout channel choice  Renneboog, Luc; Trojanowski, Grzegorz
    2014Why TMT international experience and diversity may (not) improve acquisition performance (working paper)  Piaskowska, Dorota; Trojanowski, Grzegorz; Ray, Suparna; et al.