Recent Submissions

  • Achieving Gender Balance at All Levels of Your Company 

    Chilazi, S; Bohnet, I; Hauser, O (Harvard Business Publishing, 30 November 2021)
  • Retail Food Price Modelling Project Report 

    Davidson, J; Lin, H; Lloyd, T; et al. (University of Exeter, 9 December 2021)
    This research was undertaken on behalf of Defra under Invitation to Tender Number 24580 to provide further research into modelling UK retail food price inflation. It follows from previously-commissioned work on retail ...
  • Retailer Heterogeneity and Price Transmission 

    Lan, H; Lloyd, TA; McCorriston, S; et al. (Agricultural and Applied Economics Association, 2021)
    Differences in price dynamics across retail chains, even for identical products, offer the opportunity to provide new insights into the determinants of price transmission. Specifically, we highlight ...
  • Present-bias and externalities: Can government intervention raise welfare? 

    Kotsogiannis, C; Schwager, R (Wiley / Canadian Economics Association, 2021)
    Quasi-hyperbolic discounted preferences imply that consumers overemphasize immediate current rewards and overlook future ones (they have a ‘bias for the present’). Within this context the literature has emphasized ...
  • Social Exclusion and Ethnic Segregation in Schools: The Role of Teacher's Ethnic Prejudice 

    Alan, S; Duysak, E; Kubilay, E; et al. (MIT Press / Kennedy School of Government, 22 September 2021)
    Using data on primary school children and their teachers, we show that teachers who hold prejudicial attitudes towards an ethnic group create socially and spatially segregated classrooms. Leveraging a natural experiment ...

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