Recent Submissions

  • Conceptual framework for balancing society and nature in net-zero energy transitions 

    Delafield, G; Donnison, C; Roddis, P; et al. (Elsevier, 16 September 2021)
    Transitioning to a low carbon energy future is essential to meet the Paris Agreement targets and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). To understand how societies can undertake this transition, energy models have been ...
  • Two-Stage Contests with Preferences over Style 

    Kaplan, TR; Wettstein, D (Springer, 2021)
    Many grant applications have a preliminary stage where only a select group are invited to submit a full application. Similarly, procurement contracts by governments are often awarded through a two-stage procedure. We model ...
  • Manipulation and (mis)trust in prediction markets 

    Choo, L; Kaplan, TR; Zultan, R (INFORMS, 2021)
    Markets are increasingly used as information aggregation mechanisms to predict future events. If policy makers and managers use markets to guide policyandmanagerialdecisions,interestedpartiesmayattempttomanipulate the ...
  • Strategic disaggregation in matching markets 

    Nei, S; Pakzad-Hurson, B (Elsevier, 12 August 2021)
    Decisions agents make before and after matching can be strategically linked through the match. We demonstrate this linkage in a game where universities either require students to commit to majors before matriculating or ...
  • Bias-corrected method of moments estimators for dynamic panel data models 

    Breitung, J; Kripfganz, S; Hayakawa, K (Elsevier, 22 July 2021)
    A computationally simple bias correction for linear dynamic panel data models is proposed and its asymptotic properties are studied when the number of time periods is fixed or tends to infinity with the number of panel ...

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