Recent Submissions

  • Losing Face 

    Gall, T; Reinstein, D (Oxford University Press (OUP), 1 January 2019)
    When Al makes an offer to Betty that Betty observes and rejects, Al may suffer a painful and costly “loss of face” (LoF). LoF can be avoided by letting the vulnerable side move second, or by setting up “Conditionally ...
  • La relazione di coscienza e oggetto nell’Introduzione alla Fenomenologia dello spirito di Hegel 

    Stella, A; Ianulardo, G (Fabrizio Serra editore for Facoltà di Filosofia della Pontificia Università della Santa Croce, 1 November 2018)
    The relation between consciousness and object in the Introduction to the Phenomenology of Spirit synthetises two fundamental Hegelian concepts: that of “relation” and that of “absolute”. In this article we show that Hegel ...
  • Decentralization and fuel subsidies 

    Ferraresi, M; Kotsogiannis, C; Rizzo, L (Elsevier, 2 June 2018)
    This paper explores the role of decentralization in explaining variation in fuel subsidies across countries. Using panel data over the period 1998-2008 and for 108 countries, it emerges that the effect of ‘decentralization’ ...
  • River water quality: who cares, how much and why? 

    Hampson, DI; Ferrini, S; Rigby, D; et al. (MDPI, 19 August 2017)
    An important motivation for the implementation of the Water Framework Directive is the creation of non-market environmental benefits, such as improved ecological quality, or greater opportunities for open-access river ...
  • How imperfect can land sparing be before land sharing is more favourable for wild species? 

    Balmford, B; Green, RE; Onial, M; et al. (Wiley for British Ecological Society, 5 October 2018)
    Two solutions, at opposite ends of a continuum, have been proposed to limit negative impacts of human agricultural demand on biodiversity. Under land sharing, farmed landscapes are made as beneficial to wild species as ...

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