Recent Submissions

  • Incorporating DEI into Decision-Making 

    Chang, E; Chilazi, S; Elfer, J; et al. (Harvard Business Publishing, 1 September 2023)
    Most people believe in promoting DEI in the workplace. But implicit and unconscious biases — not to mention the constant juggling of priorities required at work — can lead to inequitable decision-making. In this article, ...
  • A review of the economics of sexual orientation and gender identity 

    Badgett, LMV; Carpenter, CS; Lee, MJ; et al. (American Economic Association, 2023)
    This article reviews the growing literature on the economics of sexual orientation and gender identity, a field that did not exist thirty years ago. We summarize, evaluate, and synthesize the literature on LGBTQ+ people’s ...
  • Commuting to work and gender norms by sexual orientation 

    Oreffice, S; Sansone, D (Elsevier, 26 September 2023)
    We assess the role of gender-conforming social norms in household decision-making and gender inequalities in the labor market with a parsimonious household model that endogenizes commuting time. Using the American Community ...
  • Too Muslim to Be Homosexual or Too Homosexual to Be Muslim: Belonging Experiences of British Homosexual Muslims 

    Hlaimi, S; Littlewood, C (Brill Academic Publishers, 2023)
    This article shows that British homosexual Muslims face rejection and identity conflict between their homosexuality and their Muslimness. The opposition between Islam and homosexuality has created a feeling of exclusion, ...
  • Estimating excess mortality due to female genital mutilation 

    Ghosh, A; Flowe, H; Rockey, J (Nature Research, 16 August 2023)
    Globally, over 200 million women and girls have been subjected to Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). This practice, illegal in most countries, often happens in unsanitary conditions and without clinical supervision with ...

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