Recent Submissions

  • The natural capital framework for sustainably efficient and equitable decision making 

    Bateman, I; Mace, GM (Nature Research, 2020)
    The concept of ‘natural capital’ is gaining traction internationally as recognition grows of the central role of the natural environment in sustaining economic and social wellbeing. It is therefore encouraging to see the ...
  • Cross-Country Comparisons of Covid-19: Policy, Politics and the Price of Life 

    Balmford, B; Annan, JD; Hargreaves, JC; et al. (Springer / European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists, 2020)
    Coronavirus has claimed the lives of over half a million people world-wide and this death toll continues to rise rapidly each day. In the absence of a vaccine, non-clinical preventative measures have been implemented as ...
  • Size Matters: Estimation Sample Length and Electricity Price Forecasting Accuracy 

    Fezzi, C; Mosetti, L (International Association for Energy Economics (IAEE), 2020)
    Short-term electricity price forecasting models are typically estimated via rolling windows, i.e. by using only the most recent observations. Nonetheless, the literature does not provide guidelines on how to select the ...
  • Auctions with External Incentives: Experimental Evidence 

    Fonseca, MA; Giovannoni, F; Makris, M (Springer Verlag, 2020)
    We consider auctions where bidders’ valuations are positively correlated with their productivity in a second-stage aftermarket. We test in the lab whether bidders recognize the opportunity to signal their productivity ...
  • Sample size determination for risk-based tax auditing 

    Dellaportas, P; Ioannidis, E; Kotsogiannis, C (Royal Statistical Society, 2020)
    A modern system of Revenue Administration requires an effective and efficient management of compliance which in turn requires a well designed taxpayers audit strategy. The selection of taxpayers to be audited by Revenue ...

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