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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    12 June 2020Abrupt decline in tropospheric nitrogen dioxide over China after the outbreak of COVID-19  Liu, F; Page, A; Strode, SA; et al.
    26 January 2019Accounting for timing when assessing health-related policies  Claxton, K; Asaria, M; Chansa, C; et al.
    30 November 2021Achieving Gender Balance at All Levels of Your Company  Chilazi, S; Bohnet, I; Hauser, O
    8 September 2022Adapting to an aggregate shock: The impact of the Covid-19 crisis on rural households  Mahmud, M; Riley, E
    29 June 2020Adaptive Inference in Heteroscedastic Fractional Time Series Models  Cavaliere, G; Nielsen, MØ; Robert Taylor, AM
    12 July 2023Adaptive information-based methods for determining the co-integration rank in heteroskedastic VAR models  Boswijk, HP; Cavaliere, G; De Angelis, L; et al.
    21 October 2019Adaptive loss aversion and market experience  Lindsay, L
    2012The advantage of resource queues over spot markets: decision coordination in experiments with resource uncertainty  Fonseca, Miguel A.; Pfaff, Alexander; Osgood, Daniel
    6 April 2020Advice on using nature based interventions to reach net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050  Helm, D; Mayer, C; Collins, C; et al.
    27 September 2021Air Pollution and Criminal Activity: Microgeographic Evidence from Chicago  Herrnstadt, E; Heyes, A; Muehlegger, E; et al.
    2 February 2021Algorithmic and human prediction of success in human collaboration from visual features  Saveski, M; Awad, E; Rahwan, I; et al.
    27 March 2003All-pay auctions with variable rewards  Kaplan, Todd R.; Luski, Israel; Sela, Aner; et al.
    1 August 2006Alternative bootstrap procedures for testing cointegration in fractionally integrated processes  Davidson, James
    6 September 2007Alternative frequency and time domain versions of fractional Brownian motion  Davidson, James; Hashimzade, Nigar
    16 March 2016Ambiguity and Accident Law  Chakravarty, S; Kelsey, D
    1 December 2005Ambiguity and public good provision in large societies  Bailey, Ralph W.; Eichberger, Jürgen; Kelsey, David
    1 March 2003Ambiguity and social interaction  Eichberger, Jürgen; Kelsey, David; Schipper, Burkhard C.
    1 November 2006Ambiguity in financial markets: herding and contrarian behaviour  Ford, J.L.; Kelsey, David; Pang, Wei
    1 July 2004Ambiguity in partnerships  Kelsey, David; Spanjers, Willy
    24 June 2020Ambiguity when Playing Coordination Games Across Cultures  Peryman, J; Kelsey, D