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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    2 May 2018Accessing diverse knowledge for problem solving in the MNC: A network mobilization perspective  Parker, A; Tippmann, E; Kratochvil, R
    23 December 2016Boundary Capabilities in MNCs: Knowledge Transformation for Creative Solution Development  Tippmann, E; Scott, PS; Parker, A
    2 March 2018The coevolution of social networks and thoughts of quitting  Tröster, C; Parker, A; van Knippenberg, D; et al.
    1 September 2015Destructive de-energizing relationships: How thriving buffers their effect on performance.  Gerbasi, A; Porath, CL; Parker, A; et al.
    30 November 2015Dynamics of Social Capital: Effects of Performance Feedback on Network Change  Parker, A; Halgin, DS; Borgatti, SP
    6 April 2013The effects of de-energizing ties in organizations and how to manage them  Parker, A; Gerbasi, A; Porath, CL
    16 May 2016Examining the overlap: Individual performance benefits of multiplex relationships  Shah, NP; Parker, A; Waldstrøm, C
    1 May 2016The impact of energizing interactions on voluntary and involuntary turnover  Parker, A; Gerbasi, A
    1 January 2002Making invisible work visible: Social network analysis and strategic collaboration  Cross, R; Parker, A; Borgatti, SP
    1 October 2006Using Social Network Analysis to Improve Communities of Practice  Cross, R; Laseter, T; Parker, A; et al.