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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    31 January 2016Applicability of offshore mooring and foundation technologies for marine renewable energy (MRE) device arrays  Karimirad, M; Johanning, L; Koushan, K; et al.
    2011The application of fuzzy performance modelling procedures in extended enterprise performance measurement  Zhou, J.; Folan, Paul; Jagdev, Harinder
    12 October 2020Assessment of potential sites for a non-linear mooring system in floating offshore wind applications  Khalid, F; Thies, PR; Johanning, L; et al.
    3 September 2015Committee V.4 - Offshore Renewable Energy  Gao, Z; Bingham, H; Nicholls-Lee, R; et al.
    9 December 2013Direct velocity feedback versus a geometric controller design of remotely located vibration control systems  Nyawako, Donald S.; Ubaid, U; Reynolds, Paul; et al.
    12 October 2020Dynamic HV cables with AL conductors for floating offshore wind turbines: a cost and behavior comparative study  Grivas, K; Moraiti, A; Georgallis, G; et al.
    1 September 2011Electronic transport properties of few-layer graphene materials  Russo, Saverio; Craciun, Monica F.; Khodkov, Tymofiy; et al.
    10 June 2020Energy Harvesting in Smart Cities  Chew, ZJ; Kuang, Y; Ruan, T; et al.
    2 July 2020Evaluating the hydraulic and hydro-morphodynamic performance of blue–green infrastructure over event and long-term timescales  Ahilan, S; Guan, M; Wright, N; et al.
    12 October 2020Experiment aided development of a hybrid mooring concept for marine energy applications  Rinaldi, G; Morton, J; Thies, PR; et al.
    3 September 2013Findings with AVC design for mitigation of human induced vibrations in office floors  Nyawako, Donald S.; Reynolds, Paul; Hudson, Malcolm
    14 July 2018Flood Impacts on Road Transportation Using Microscopic Traffic Modelling Techniques  Pyatkova, K; Chen, AS; Djordjevic, S; et al.
    7 September 2017Graded magnonic index and spin wave fano resonances in magnetic structures: Excite, direct, capture  Kruglyak, VV; Davies, CS; Au, Y; et al.
    12 October 2020Improvements in the O&M modelling of floating offshore wind farms  Rinaldi, G; Thies, PR; Johanning, L
    1 September 2018The influence of household rainwater harvesting system design on water supply and stormwater management efficiency  Ahilan, S; Melville-Shreeve, P; Kapelan, Z; et al.
    12 October 2020Modelling and assessment of ROV capacity within an autonomous offshore intervention system  Zhao, C; Thies, P; Johanning, L; et al.
    9 September 2020Offshore renewable energy  Rinaldi, G
    15 January 2021Pathways towards sustainable and resilient urban water systems  Fu, G; Butler, D
    3 September 2013Power requirements for active control of floor vibrations  Hudson, MJ; Reynolds, Paul; Nyawako, Donald S.
    12 September 2018Quantum Rings in Electromagnetic Fields  Alexeev, A; Portnoi, M