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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    21 November 2012Assessing risk profiles for Salmonella serotypes in breeding pig operations in Portugal using a Bayesian hierarchical model  Correia-Gomes, C; Economou, T; Mendonça, D; et al.
    1 July 2018Correcting Under-Reporting in Historical Volcano Data  Stoner, O; Economou, T
    24 August 2016Decision Analysis for Management of Natural Hazards  Simpson, M; James, R; Hall, JW; et al.
    17 October 2019Desirable BUGS in models of infectious diseases  Auzenbergs, M; Correia-Gomes, C; Economou, T; et al.
    22 May 2019Exploring constraints on the realised value of a forecast-based climate service  Pope, ECD; Buontempo, C; Economou, T
    14 June 2018Exposure to an anti-androgenic herbicide negatively impacts reproductive physiology and fertility in Xenopus tropicalis  Orton, F; Säfholm, M; Jansson, E; et al.
    3 May 2017Generalised additive point process models for natural hazard occurrence  Youngman, BD; Economou, T
    26 August 2019A hidden semi-Markov model for characterising regime shifts in ocean density variability  Economou, T; Menary, M
    30 April 2019A hierarchical framework for correcting under- reporting in count data  Stoner, O; Economou, T; Drummond, G
    30 April 2019A hierarchical framework for correcting under-reporting in count data  Stoner, O; Economou, T; Drummond Marques da Silva, G
    30 September 2017Historical trends and variability in heat waves in the United Kingdom  Sanderson, MG; Economou, T; Salmon, KH; et al.
    10 July 2019A modelling approach for correcting reporting delays in disease surveillance data  Bastos, L; Economou, T; Gomes, M; et al.
    18 November 2019Multivariate hierarchical frameworks for modelling delayed reporting in count data  Stoner, O; Economou, T
    7 July 2019Multivariate Hierarchical Modelling of Household Air Pollution  Stoner, OR; Shaddick, G; Economou, T; et al.
    22 June 2019A novel approach to computing super observations for probabilistic wave model validation  Bohlinger, P; Breivik, O; Economou, T; et al.
    26 October 2016On the use of Bayesian decision theory for issuing natural hazard warnings  Economou, T; Stephenson, DB; Rougier, JC; et al.
    12 June 2017Quantifying how user-interaction can modify the perception of the value of climate information: A Bayesian approach  Pope, ECD; Buontempo, C; Economou, T
    24 October 2018Radiological progression of end colostomy trephine diameter and area  Ho, K; Economou, T; Smart, N; et al.
    27 July 2016Robustness of serial clustering of extra-tropical cyclones to the choice of tracking method  Pinto, JG; Ulbrich, S; Economou, T; et al.