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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    4 December 2018Atmospheric Circulation and Thermal Phase-Curve Offset of Tidally and Non-Tidally Locked Terrestrial Exoplanets  Penn, J; Vallis, GK
    2018Atmospheric Response to SST anomalies. Part 2: Background-state dependence, teleconnections and local effects in summer  Thomson, SI; Vallis, GK
    14 August 2013Determination of extratropical tropopause height in an idealized gray radiation model  Zurita-Gotor, P; Vallis, GK
    28 March 2018A framework for convection and boundary layer parameterization derived from conditional filtering  Thuburn, J; Weller, HG; Vallis, GK; et al.
    6 March 2018Isca, v1.0: a framework for the global modelling of the atmospheres of Earth and other planets at varying levels of complexity  Vallis, GK; Colyer, G; Geen, R; et al.
    2 November 2017Isca, v1.0: A Framework for the Global Modelling of the Atmospheres of Earth and Other Planets at Varying Levels of Complexity  Vallis, GK; Colyer, G; Geen, R; et al.
    17 September 2013Jet interaction and the influence of a minimum phase speed bound on the propagation of eddies  O'Rourke, AK; Vallis, GK
    1 November 2013Maintenance of the stratospheric structure in an idealized general circulation model  Jucker, M; Fueglistaler, S; Vallis, GK
    26 January 2018Mapping the Energy Cascade in the North Atlantic Ocean: The Coarse-graining Approach  Aluie, H; Hecht, M; Vallis, GK
    9 September 2013Meridional energy transport in the coupled atmosphere-ocean system: Compensation and partitioning  Farneti, R; Vallis, GK
    11 October 2013Ocean heat uptake in eddying and non-eddying ocean circulation models in a warming climate  Zhang, Y; Vallis, GK
    27 March 2018Regime Change Behaviour During Asian Monsoon Onset  Geen, R; Lambert, FH; Vallis, GK
    9 January 2019A Simple System for Moist Convection: The Rainy-Benard Model  Vallis, GK; Parker, D; Tobias, S
    20 June 2017The thermal phase curve offset on tidally- and non-tidally-locked exoplanets: a shallow water model  Penn, J; Vallis, GK
    13 May 2019Zonal-mean atmospheric dynamics of slowly-rotating terrestrial planets  Colyer, GJ; Vallis, GK