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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    21 March 2016Almost sure convergence of maxima for chaotic dynamical systems  Holland, Mark P.; Nicol, Matthew; Török, János
    1 October 2008Anisotropic small-scale constraints on energy in rotating stratified turbulence  Kurien, Susan; Wingate, Beth; Taylor, Mark
    12 August 2015Chimera states in networks of phase oscillators: the case of two small populations  Panaggio, Mark J.; Abrams, Daniel M.; Ashwin, Peter; et al.
    29 April 2017A computational investigation of the finite-time blow-up of the 3D incompressible Euler equations based on the Voigt regularization  Larios, Adam; Petersen, Mark; Titi, Edriss S.; et al.
    16 June 2015A decentralized parallelization-in-time approach with parareal  Schreiber, Martin; Peddle, Adam; Haut, Terry; et al.
    1 February 2016Hopf normal form with $S_N$ symmetry and reduction to systems of nonlinearly coupled phase oscillators  Ashwin, Peter; Rodrigues, Ana
    25 March 2016Identical phase oscillator networks: bifurcations, symmetry and reversibility for generalized coupling  Ashwin, Peter; Bick, Christian; Burylko, Oleksandr
    27 January 2005Several new quadrature formulas for polynomial integration in the triangle  Taylor, Mark; Wingate, Beth; Bos, Len P.