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    • Refracted Selves 

      Nagaraja, CH (Taylor & Francis, 6 October 2023)
    • DSLA 2023: Facing the dangers of data illiteracy 

      Gascon, GM; Wallman, KK; Ravula, S; et al. (Oxford University Press (OUP) / The Royal Statistical Society, 6 October 2023)
      The Data Science and Literacy Act (DSLA) of 2023 aims to boost data literacy and data science education across the USA. Gregg M. Gascon, Katherine K. Wallman, Sridhar Ravula, Joseph Cappelleri, Julia Lee, Kristian Lum, ...
    • The Relationship between Model Biases in East Asian Summer Monsoon Rainfall and Land Evaporation 

      Geen, R; Pietschnig, M; Agrawal, S; et al. (Springer, 9 May 2023)
      The East Asian Summer Monsoon (EASM) provides the majority of annual rainfall to countries in East Asia. Although state-of-the-art models broadly project increased EASM rainfall, the spread of projections is large and ...
    • Climate Models Underestimate Dynamic Cloud Feedbacks in the Tropics 

      Hill, PG; Holloway, CE; Byrne, MP; et al. (American Geophysical Union (AGU) / Wiley, 2 August 2023)
      Cloud feedbacks are the leading cause of uncertainty in climate sensitivity. The complex coupling between clouds and the large-scale circulation in the tropics contributes to this uncertainty. To address this problem, the ...
    • RECCAP2 future component: Consistency and potential for regional assessment to constrain global projections 

      Jones, CD; Ziehn, T; Anand, J; et al. (Wiley / American Geophysical Union, 7 November 2023)
      Projections of future carbon sinks and stocks are important because they show how the world's ecosystems will respond to elevated CO2 and changes in climate. Moreover, they are crucial to inform policy decisions around ...