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  • Antecedent conditions control carbon loss and downstream water quality from shallow, damaged peatlands. 

    Grand-Clement, Emilie; Luscombe, David J; Anderson, K; Gatis, Naomi; Benaud, P; Brazier, Richard E. (Elsevier, 2014-09-15)
    Losses of dissolved organic carbon (DOC) from drained peatlands are of concern, due to the effects this has on the delivery of ecosystem services, and especially on the long-term store of carbon and the provision of drinking ...
  • Asking about the future: methodological insights from energy biographies 

    Shirani, Fiona; Parkhill, Karen; Butler, Catherine; Groves, Chris; Pidgeon, Nick; Henwood, Karen (Taylor & Francis (Routledge), 2015-04-23)
    Temporality is fundamental to qualitative longitudinal (QLL) research, inherent in the design of returning to participants over time, often to explore moments of change. Previous research has indicated that talking about ...
  • Assessing bundles of ecosystem services from regional to landscape scale: Insights from the French Alps 

    Crouzat, E; Mouchet, M; Turkelboom, F; Byczek, C; Meersmans, J; Berger, F; Verkerk, PJ; Lavorel, S (Wiley, 2015-07-31)
    Assessments of ecosystem services (ES) and biodiversity (hereafter ecological parameters) provide a comprehensive view of the links between landscapes, ecosystem functioning and human well-being. The investigation of ...
  • Atmospheres of progress in a data-based school 

    Finn, M (SAGE Publications, 2015-03-23)
    In this article, I seek to extend the geographies of education, youth and young people by offering an account of the significant shifts taking place in contemporary English state education around the production and use of ...
  • Beryllium-7 wet deposition variation with storm height, synoptic classification, and tree canopy state in the mid-Atlantic USA 

    Karwan, D.L.; Siegert, C.M.; Levia, D.F.; Pizzuto, J.; Marquard, Julia; Aalto, R.E.; Aufdenkampe, A.K. (Wiley, 2015-06-08)
    Short-lived fallout isotopes, such as beryllium-7 (7Be), are increasingly used as erosion and sediment tracers in watersheds. Beryllium-7 is produced in the atmosphere and delivered to Earth's surface primarily in ...
  • Biomimetic Futures: Life, Death, and the Enclosure of a More-Than-Human Intellect 

    Johnson, ER; Goldstein, J (Routledge, 2015-03-04)
    The growing field of biomimicry promises to supplant modern industry's energy-intensive models of engineering with a mode of production more sensitively attuned to nonhuman life and matter. This article considers the ...
  • Biomimicry: New Natures, New Enclosures 

    Goldstein, J; Johnson, ER (SAGE Publications Ltd, 2015-01-16)
    Advocates of biomimicry encourage a new industrial paradigm that ostensibly leaves behind the crude violence of Francis Bacon, the domination of nature-as-machine, and a history of toxic production processes that have given ...
  • The biopolitics of animal being and welfare: dog control and care in the UK and India 

    Srinivasan, K (Institute of British Geographers / Royal Geographical Society / Wiley-Blackwell, 2013-01)
    The UK is widely regarded as a nation committed to animal welfare. On the other hand, the precarious lives of India’s stray dogs have attracted a considerable amount of international animal activist attention, and raised ...
  • Biopower 

    Srinivasan, K (Wiley, 2016)
    Book Chapter
  • Biosecurity and the topologies of infected life: From borderlines to borderlands 

    Hinchliffe, S; Allen, John; Lavau, S; Bingham, N; Carter, S (Wiley / Institute of British Geographers / Royal Geographical Society, 2012-08-10)
    Biosecurity, as a response to threats from zoonotic, food-borne and emerging infectious diseases, implies and is often understood in terms of a spatial segregation of forms of life, a struggle to separate healthy life from ...
  • Biotic and abiotic changes in ecosystem structure over a shrub-encroachment gradient in the southwestern USA. 

    Turnbull, Laura; Brazier, Richard E.; Wainwright, John; Bol, Roland (Springer Verlag, 2010)
    In this study, we investigate changes in ecosystem structure that occur over a gradient of land-degradation in the southwestern USA, where shrubs are encroaching into native grassland. We evaluate a conceptual model which ...
  • 'Born out of crisis': an analysis of moorland management agreements on Exmoor 

    Lobley, Matt; Turner, Martin; MacQueen, Greg; Wakefield, Dawn (Centre for Rural Policy Research, University of Exeter, 2005-10)
  • Boundary conditions of an active West Antarctic subglacial lake: Implications for storage of water beneath the ice sheet 

    Siegert, M.J.; Ross, N; Corr, H.F.J.; Smith, Ben; Jordan, T.A.; Bingham, R.G.; Ferraccioli, F; Rippin, D.M.; Le Brocq, A.M. (European Geosciences Union (EGU) / Copernicus Publications, 2014-01-03)
    Repeat-pass ICESat altimetry has revealed 124 discrete surface height changes across the Antarctic Ice Sheet, interpreted to be caused by subglacial lake discharges (surface lowering) and inputs (surface uplift). Few of ...
  • Carbon and nutrient accumulation in secondary forests regenerating on pastures in central Amazonia 

    Feldpausch, T.R.; Rondon, MA; Fernandes, Erick; Riha, SJ; Wandelli, E (Ecological Society of America, 2004)
    Over the past three decades, large expanses of forest in the Amazon Basin were converted to pasture, many of which later degraded to woody fallows and were abandoned. While the majority of tropical secondary forest (SF) ...
  • The carbon balance of South America: A review of the status, decadal trends and main determinants 

    Gloor, M; Gatti, L; Brienen, Roel J.W.; Feldpausch, T.R.; Phillips, OL; Miller, J; Ometto, JP; Rocha, H; Baker, Tim; De Jong, B; Houghton, RA; Malhi, Y; Aragão, Luiz; Guyot, J-L; Zhao, K; Jackson, R; Peylin, P; Sitch, S; Poulter, B; Lomas, M; Zaehle, S; Huntingford, C; Levy, P; Lloyd, J (European Geosciences Union (EGU), 2012)
    We attempt to summarize the carbon budget of South America and relate it to its dominant controls: population and economic growth, changes in land use practices and a changing atmospheric environment and climate. Flux ...
  • Carbon dynamics of the Weddell Gyre, Southern Ocean 

    Brown, PJ; Jullion, L; Landschützer, P; Bakker, DCE; Naveira Garabato, AC; Meredith, MP; Torres-Valdés, S; Watson, Andrew J.; Hoppema, M; Loose, B; Jones, EM; Telszewski, M; Jones, SD; Wanninkhof, R (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 2015-03-19)
    The accumulation of carbon within the Weddell Gyre and its exchanges across the gyre boundaries are investigated with three recent full-depth oceanographic sections enclosing this climatically important region. The combination ...
  • Caribbean-wide decline in carbonate production threatens coral reef growth 

    Perry, Chris T.; Murphy, Gary N.; Kench, Paul S.; Smithers, Scott G.; Edinger, Evan N.; Steneck, Robert S.; Mumby, Peter J. (Nature Publishing Group, 2013-01-29)
    Global-scale deteriorations in coral reef health have caused major shifts in species composition. One projected consequence is a lowering of reef carbonate production rates, potentially impairing reef growth, compromising ...
  • Caring for the collective: biopower and agential subjectification in wildlife conservation 

    Srinivasan, K (Pion, 2014-06)
    This paper explores turtle conservation in Odisha, India, to map the complicated ways in which animal well-being is pursued in the contemporary world. Using insights from Foucault’s work on biopolitics, it offers an account ...
  • Centennial climate variability in the British Isles during the mid-late Holocene 

    Charman, Dan J. (Elsevier, 2010-06)
    Multi-millennial climate changes were relatively minor over the mid–late Holocene in the British Isles, because orbitally forced insolation changes were smaller than those at higher latitudes. Centennial climate variability ...
  • Century-scale simulations of the response of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet to a warming climate 

    Cornford, Stephen Leslie; Martin, DF; Payne, AJ; Ng, EG; Le Brocq, A.M.; Gladstone, RM; Edwards, TL; Shannon, SR; Agosta, C; Van Den Broeke, MR; Hellmer, HH; Krinner, G; Ligtenberg, SRM; Timmermann, R; Vaughan, DG (Copernicus GmbH, 2015-08-18)
    We use the BISICLES adaptive mesh ice sheet model to carry out one, two, and three century simulations of the fast-flowing ice streams of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet, deploying sub-kilometer resolution around the grounding ...