Recent Submissions

  • Economy, ancient, approaches to 

    Morley, N (Oxford University Press (OUP), 2021)
    The Greeks and Romans did not develop a concept of ‘the economy’ or discuss economic matters at any length; the study of the ancient economy therefore began only in the late 18th century, in parallel with the developing ...
  • Politics: ideologies of decadence 

    Morley, N (Oxford University Press, 2022)
    This chapter explores the role of ideas of decadence and decline in political thought, from classical Greek and Roman speculation about the cycle of political regimes, via early modern discussions of the importance of civic ...
  • York’s ‘African-style’ Severan Pottery Reconsidered 

    Pitts, M (Cambridge University Press (CUP) / Society for the Promotion of Roman Studies, 2021)
    This article examines the phenomenon of so-called African-style pottery made in early third century York. The pottery, which was produced in significant quantities in late Ebor ware, is strikingly different from vessels ...
  • The Concept of Pneuma after Aristotle 

    Coughlin, S; Leith, D; Lewis, O (Edition Topoi, 22 December 2020)
    This volume explores the versatility of the concept of pneuma in philosophical and medical theories in the wake of Aristotle’s physics. It offers fourteen separate studies of how the concept of pneuma was used in a range ...

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