Recent Submissions

  • Pelagios – Connecting Histories of Place. Part II: From Community to Association 

    Kahn, R; Isaksen, L; Barker, E; et al. (Edinburgh University Press, 2021)
    This paper, which forms the second of a two part article in this volume, reflects on what we argue to be the most crucial element of any Linked Data enterprise: its community. The first section ...
  • Pelagios – Connecting Histories of Place. Part I: Methods and Tools 

    Vitale, V; de Soto Cañamares, P; Simon, R; et al. (Edinburgh University Press, 2021)
    This paper provides a short history of the methods and tools developed by the Pelagios initiative: a series of seven projects dedicated to linking digital historical resources based on the geographic ...
  • Introduction to IJHAC Special Issue: Pelagios 

    Elton, B; Isaksen, L; Marianne, O (Edinburgh University Press, 2021)
  • Preface 

    Adamou, A; Daga, E; Meroño-Peñuela, A; et al. (CEUR Workshop Proceedings, 1 January 2020)
  • Thucydides' legacy in grand strategy 

    Morley, N (Oxford University Press, 8 September 2021)
    Thucydides is now a familiar name in the fields of politics, war, and strategy, but references to his work in discussions of grand strategy are usually superficial and sometimes problematic. He is treated as both ancient ...

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