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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    2024Accountability for the Taking of Human Life with LAWS in War  Reed, ED
    1 May 2006Action and/or contemplation? Allegory and liturgy in the reception of Luke 10:38-42  Grumett, David
    2 November 2015Admiring others: Persians and Xenophon  Mitchell, Lynette G.
    1 September 2000After counting: the church in English social life  Higton, Mike
    16 August 2022Afterword  Southgate, C
    1 January 2014Alexander and Africa (332-331 BC and beyond): the facts, the traditions and the problems  Ogden, Daniel
    23 October 2014Alexander, Agathos Daimon and Ptolemy: the Alexandrian foundation myth in dialogue  Ogden, Daniel
    1 March 1997The ancient Greek address system and some proposed sociolinguistic universals  Dickey, Eleanor
    14 October 2022Ancient Sea Monsters and a Medieval Hero: The Nicoras of Beowulf  Denson, R
    6 June 2017‘Anglicanism in a Bottle?’ Theological Implications of Sexualities Education for Anglican Ordinands  Cornwall, SM; Nixon, DJ
    28 August 2014Animal magic  Ogden, Daniel
    2007Aphrodisians on Display : The Public Image of a Local Élite  Borg, BE
    1 August 2008Appeals to the Bible in ecotheology and environmental ethics: a typology of hermeneutical stances  Horrell, David G.; Hunt, Cherryl; Southgate, Christopher
    2015Aquinas on Parts, Wholes, and Aristotelian Anti-Reductionism  Galluzzo, Gabriele
    31 October 2013Aquinas's commentary on the metaphysics  Galluzzo, Gabriele
    3 November 2015Archaeological Destruction  Loosley, Emma
    15 May 2018Are Matter and Form Parts? Aristotle’s and Neo-Aristotelian Hylomorphism  Galluzzo, G
    1 September 2014Are religions prejudiced? Religion and disability  Cornwall, SM
    27 September 2017Aristotle's Metaphysics  Galluzzo, G
    13 November 2013Asking About What is Better: Intersex, Disability and Inaugurated Eschatology  Cornwall, Susannah