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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    2008Absoluimus uos uice beati petri apostolorum principis. Episcopal authority and the reconciliation of excommunicants in England and Frankia c. 900-c.1050  Hamilton, Sarah
    2000Aether  Noakes, Richard
    4 May 2015Afterword  Fusaro, M
    10 August 2018Apocalypticism and the rhetoric of reform in Italy around the year 1000  Roach, LAN
    31 October 2017Arson in Modern Ireland: Fire and Protest before the Famine  Clark, GM
    2003The art of the unprinted: transcription and English antiquity in the age of print  Crick, Julia
    1 August 2014'Bishops, Education, and Discipline'  Hamilton, SM
    30 October 2019Bodies, sex and sexuality  Toulalan, S
    1 September 2004The Boy's Own Paper and late-Victorian juvenile magazines  Noakes, Richard
    17 June 2021Britain’s European Island-Empire, 1793–1815  Davey, J
    2006British Communists and Anglo-French relations, 1914-1945  Thorpe, Andrew
    1 December 2010Charles Wesley’s Family and the Musical Life of Bristol  Barry, J
    1 January 2005Chatterton, More and Bristol cultural life in the 1760s  Barry, J
    1 December 2010Communicating with authority: the uses of speech, script and print in Bristol, 1640-1714  Barry, J
    2005Communist MP: Willie Gallacher and British communism  Thorpe, Andrew
    2015Constituencies and Interests: An Afterword  Barry, J
    19 December 2019Constructing the Text: A Comparative Study of Two Saints’ Lives Written c.1200  Birkett, H
    2008Cornish cases and Cornish social history (review article)  Deacon, Bernard
    30 December 2016Cultural competence in migrant healthcare  Thomas, F
    27 September 2015Dismembering and remembering the body: execution and post-execution display in Africa, c.1870-2000  Hynd, S