Recent Submissions

  • Securitization theory 

    Baele, S; Thomson, C (Oxford University Press, 2022)
    This chapter introduces to Securitization Theory, situating its intellectual roots and tracing its emergence and evolution as a framework for analysis, spelling out its main concepts and dimensions, and presenting the main ...
  • Twenty-five years of securitization theory: A corpus-based review 

    Baele, S; Jalea, D (SAGE Publications / Political Studies Association, 2022)
    Twenty-five years after its initial formulation, securitization theory is at a crossroads: attempts to critically scrutinize its achievements and shortcomings have proliferated, concerns about the theory’s eurocentrism ...
  • WhatsApp and Political Mobilisation at the Periphery of Digital Literacy in Northern Ghana 

    Lynch, G; Saibu, G; Gadjanova, E (Zed Books / Bloomsbury Publishing, 2022)
  • Defending an inclusive right to genital and bodily integrity for children 

    Townsend, KG (Springer Nature, 2 December 2021)
    At the time of writing in mid-2021, policy on child genital cutting and modification is inconsistent in the UK, US, and most European states, and there is growing consensus that this inconsistency should end [1,2,3,4,5,6 ...
  • Environmental Governance 

    Fisher, DR; Jasny, L; Redmond, J; et al. (Springer, 2 November 2021)
    The role of the state and governance has been of central concern to sociology since its inception as a field of the social sciences. Environmental sociology specifically looks at the degree to which the state can successfully ...

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