Recent Submissions

  • DiCE Expert survey questions 

    Kroger, S; Loughran, T (University of Exeter, 25 July 2022)
    This file has the questions of the first DiCE expert survey which was run between October and December 2020.
  • Super- (and hyper-) posters on extremist forums 

    Baele, SJ; Brace, L; Coan, TG; et al. (Routledge, 30 July 2022)
    This paper examines patterns of posting behavior on extremist online forums in order to empirically identify and define classes of highly active “super-posters”. Using a unique dataset of 8 far-right, 7 Salafi-jihadist, ...
  • An Introduction to Engaged Phenomenology 

    Stanier, J (Routledge, 29 June 2022)
    In this article, I introduce engaged phenomenology as an approach through which phenomenologists can more explicitly and critically consider the generative conditions and implications of their research. I make an explicit ...
  • Protective Policy Index (PPI) global dataset of origins and stringency of COVID 19 mitigation policies 

    Shvetsova, O; Zhirnov, A; Adeel, AB; et al. (Nature Research, 16 June 2022)
    We have developed and made accessible for multidisciplinary audience a unique global dataset of the behavior of political actors during the COVID-19 pandemic as measured by their policy-making efforts to protect their ...
  • At War or Saving Lives? On the Securitizing Semantic Repertoires of Covid-19 

    Baele, S; Rousseau, E (SAGE Publications / David Davies Memorial Institute, 2022)
    This paper offers a multi-dimensional analysis of the ways and extent to which the US president and UK prime minister have securitized the Covid-19 pandemic in their public speeches. This assessment rests on, and illustrates ...

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