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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    12 August 2019Conspiratorial narratives in violent political actors' language  Baele, SJ
    30 June 2014Diagnosing the Securitisation of Immigration at the EU Level: A New Method for Stronger Empirical Claims  Baele, SJ; Sterck, OC
    19 November 2013The ethics of New Development Economics: is the Experimental Approach to Development Economics morally wrong?  Baele, SJ
    2 August 2017The ethics of security research. An ethics framework for contemporary security studies  Baele, SJ; Hoeffler, A; Lewis, D; et al.
    22 June 2017An Experimental Agenda for Securitization Theory  Baele, SJ; Thomson, C
    7 August 2020"Filthy Lapdogs", "Jerks", and "Hitler": Making Sense of Insults in International Relations  Rousseau, E; Baele, SJ
    5 December 2019Lethal images: analyzing extremist visual propaganda from ISIS and beyond  Baele, SJ; Coan, T; Boyd, K
    21 September 2016Lone-actor Terrorists’ Emotions and Cognition: An Evaluation beyond Stereotypes  Baele, SJ
    19 June 2017Numbers in global security governance  Baele, SJ; Balzacq, T; Bourbeau, P
    30 October 2017Security through numbers? Experimentally assessing the impact of numerical arguments in security communication  Baele, SJ; Coan, T; Sterck, O
    7 August 2019Studying “Radio Machete”: Towards a Robust Research Programme  Richards, HK; Baele, SJ; Coan, T
    22 December 2020The ‘Tarrant effect’: what impact did far-right attacks have on the 8chan forum?  Baele, SJ; Brace, L; Coan, TG
    25 September 2014Theorizing and Measuring Emotions in Conflict: The Case of the 2011 Palestinian Statehood Bid  Baele, SJ; Sterck, OC; Meur, E
    15 June 2020'Turning' everywhere in IR: on the sociological underpinnings of the field’s proliferating turns  Baele, SJ; Bettiza, G
    20 January 2022Twenty-five years of securitization theory: A corpus-based review  Baele, SJ; Jalea, D
    1 February 2017What do Academic Metrics do to Political Scientists? Theorizing their Roots, Locating their Effects  Baele, SJ; bettiza, G
    23 October 2017What Does the “Terrorist” Label Really Do? Measuring and Explaining the Effects of the “Terrorist” and “Islamist” Categories  Baele, SJ; Sterck, O; Slingeneyer, T; et al.