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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    13 February 2020Authoritarian powers and norm contestation in the liberal international order: theorizing the power politics of ideas and identity  Bettiza, G; Lewis, D
    4 April 2016Blogging Zhanaozen: hegemonic discourse and authoritarian resilience in Kazakhstan  Lewis, D
    16 March 2017Dictators of discourse: Eurasian autocracies and the international battle of ideas  Lewis, D
    2 August 2017The ethics of security research. An ethics framework for contemporary security studies  Baele, SJ; Hoeffler, A; Lewis, D; et al.
    23 January 2015“Illiberal Spaces:” Uzbekistan's extraterritorial security practices and the spatial politics of contemporary authoritarianism  Lewis, D
    20 February 2017The myopic Foucauldian gaze: discourse, knowledge and the authoritarian peace  Lewis, D
    1 September 2015Reasserting Hegemony in Central Asia: Russian Policy in Kyrgyzstan after 2010/Reafirmar la hegemonía en Asia Central: las políticas rusas en Kirguistán tras 2010)  Lewis, D
    22 June 2020Russia as peacebuilder? Russia's coercive mediation strategy  Lewis, D
    15 April 2019Russia’s “Strategic Deterrence” in Ukraine  Lewis, D
    17 February 2020Sri Lanka’s Schmittian Peace: Sovereignty, Enmity and Illiberal Order  Lewis, D
    1 July 2019Strategic Culture and Geography: Russia’s Southern Seas after Crimea  Lewis, D
    15 July 2019Strategic Culture and Russia’s “Pivot to the East”: Russia, China and “Greater Eurasia”  Lewis, D