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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    2019Ancient Greek philosophy and Islamic political advice literature  Kristo-Nagy, IT
    1 March 2017The Archaeology of Islamisation in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Comparative Study  Insoll, T
    10 July 2015Between Hegel and Rumi: Iqbal’s Contrapuntal Encounters with the Islamic Philosophical traditions  Rizvi, SH
    31 October 2017Contesting the Iranian Revolution as a turning-point discourse in Bahraini contentious politics  Jones, MO
    2007Decorative Motifs on Arabian Boats: Meaning and Identity  Agius, Dionisius
    2015Diversité culturelle et hiérarchie ethnique: l'usage des catégories dans le conflit kurde en Turquie  Scalbert Yucel, Clémence
    1 November 2015The Gulf Monarchies and Iran: Between Confrontation and Geostrategic Realities  Valeri, M
    1 July 2017History of Bahrain  Jones, MO
    1 May 2014Literal Meaning and Interpretation in Early Imāmī Law  Gleave, Robert
    1 February 2017The Lure of Jihad  Gallois, W
    2006L’élaboration de la langue kurde en Turquie (1898 – 1943) : d'un simple outil d'éveil national au pivot de la définition identitaire’  Scalbert Yucel, Clemence
    2014The maritime heritage of Yemen: a focus on traditional wooden "dhows"  Agius, DA; Cooper, JP; Zazzaro, C
    2018Marriage after Rape: The ambiguous relationship between Arab lords and Iranian intellectuals as reflected in Ibn al-Muqaffaʿ’s Oeuvre  Kristo-Nagy, IT
    15 February 2018Mediating the Syria revolt: how new media technologies change the development of social movements and conflicts  Brownlee, BJ
    1 August 2017Parties and party systems change  Storm, L
    3 September 2018Princes, Thieves and Death: The Making of Heroes amongst the Yezidis of Armenia  Allison, FC; Amy de la Breteque, E
    18 October 2017Revolutionary Damascene Roses: Women and Media in the Syrian Conflict  Brownlee, BJ
    15 September 2015Rotten Apples or Rotten Orchards; Police deviance, brutality and unaccountability in Bahrain  Jones, MO
    15 June 2016Saudi intervention, sectarianism, and de-democratization in Bahrain’s uprising  Jones, MO
    1 December 2016The shifting borders of conflict, difference, and oppression: Kurdish folklore revisited  Allison, FC