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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    7 February 2017Bioavailability and kidney responses to Diclofenac in the fathead minnow (Pimephales promelas)  Bickley, LK; van Aerle, R; Brown, AR; et al.
    27 April 2016Bisphenol A causes reproductive toxicity, decreases dnmt1 transcription, and reduces global DNA methylation in breeding zebrafish (Danio rerio).  Laing, LV; Viana, J; Dempster, EL; et al.
    30 January 2014Bmp suppression in mangrove killifish embryos causes a split in the body axis  Mourabit, S; Moles, MW; Smith, E; et al.
    12 July 2019The first clawed lobster virus Homarus gammarus nudivirus (HgNV n. sp.) expands the diversity of the Nudiviridae  Holt, CC; Stone, M; Bass, D; et al.
    20 November 2018Heart Regeneration in the Mexican Cavefish  Stockdale, WT; Lemieux, ME; Killen, AC; et al.
    9 October 2017Membrane Trafficking Modulation during Entamoeba Encystation  Herman, E; Siegesmund, MA; Bottery, MJ; et al.
    18 January 2016Molecular Mechanisms of White Spot Syndrome Virus Infection and Perspectives on Treatments.  Verbruggen, B; Bickley, LK; van Aerle, R; et al.
    23 July 2018Near-future CO2 levels impair the olfactory system of a marine fish  Porteus, CS; Hubbard, PC; Uren Webster, TM; et al.
    16 June 2015De novo assembly of the Carcinus maenas transcriptome and characterization of innate immune system pathways.  Verbruggen, B; Bickley, LK; Santos, EM; et al.
    12 April 2018Sex-specific transcription and DNA methylation profiles of reproductive and epigenetic associated genes in the gonads and livers of breeding zebrafish  Laing, LV; Viana, J; Dempster, E; et al.