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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    7 October 2019Acoustic enrichment can enhance fish community development on degraded coral reef habitat (dataset)  Gordon, TAC; Radford, AN; Davidson, IK; et al.
    9 March 2021The antibiotic dosage of fastest resistance evolution: gene amplifications underpinning the inverted-U (dataset)  Reding, C; Catalán, P; Jansen, G; et al.
    11 August 2020Appendix 5. R code for fitting phenomenological models in Chapter 5 of PhD thesis "Linking phenology to population dynamics and distribution change in a changing climate"  Stewart, J
    30 January 2015Barriers and benefits: implications of artificial night-lighting for the distribution of common bats in Britain and Ireland (dataset)  Mathews, Fiona; Roche, Niamh; Aughney, Tina; et al.
    21 October 2019Biofilms facilitate cheating and social exploitation of β-lactam resistance in Escherichia coli (dataset)  Amanatidou, E; Matthews, A; Kuhlicke, U; et al.
    29 October 2018Bombus terrestris in a mass-flowering pollinator-dependent crop: A mutualistic relationship? (dataset)  Knapp, Jessica; Becher, Matthias; Rankin, Charlotte; et al.
    7 March 2017Breeding system and spatial isolation from congeners strongly constrain seed set in an insect-pollinated apomictic tree: Sorbus subcuneata (Rosaceae) (dataset)  Hamston, Tracey J; Wilson, Robert J; deVere, Natasha; et al.
    18 July 2014Burying beetle data for Box 1 of Royle et al_Science  Royle, NJ; Russell, Andrew; Wilson, Alastair J.
    6 September 2012Cogeme Phytopathogenic Fungi and Oomycete EST Database  Soanes, Darren; Talbot, Nicholas J.
    2012Comment on “A Common Pesticide Decreases Foraging Success and Survival in Honey Bees”  Cresswell, James; Thompson, Helen
    2 March 2018Constraining species-size class variability in rates of parrotfish bioerosion on Maldivian coral reefs: implications for regional-scale bioerosion estimates (dataset)  Yarlett, RT; Perry, CT; Wilson, RW; et al.
    26 March 2014Correlated Evolution in Parental Care in Females but not Males in Response to Selection on Paternity Assurance Behaviour (dataset)  Head, ML; Hinde, Camilla; Moore, AJ; et al.
    30 December 2015Data and R code for social network analysis of male-male competition  Fisher, David
    20 April 2015Data for cricket personality in the wild and the lab  Fisher, David
    19 February 2021Data from Marjamaki et al 2021 J Evol Biol, Genetic, social and maternal contributions to Mycobacterium bovis infection status in European badgers (Meles meles)  Marjamäki, P; Dugdale, HL; Delahay, R; et al.
    27 April 2015Data relating to Tyler F, Fisher D, d’Ettorre P, Rodríguez-Muñoz R, Tregenza T (2015). Chemical cues mediate species recognition in field crickets. Frontiers in Ecology & Evolution – Chemical Ecology. DOI: 10.3389/fevo.2015.00048  Tregenza, Tom
    18 January 2021A ‘deadly trio’ of marine environmental change? Past progress and future recommendations for investigating interactive effects of warming, rising CO2 and hypoxia on fish  Montgomery, D
    15 April 2021Drivers and implications of change in an inshore multi-species fishery (dataset)  Henly, L; Stewart, JE; Simpson, S
    26 February 2021Drug screening to identify compounds to act as co-therapies for the treatment of Burkholderia species (dataset)  Barker, S; Harding, S; Gray, D; et al.
    10 May 2018Drug-mediated metabolic tipping between antibiotic resistant states in a mixed-species community (dataset)  Robert E. Beardmore; Emily Cook; Susanna Nilsson; et al.