Recent Submissions

  • A Police Specialist Rape Investigation Unit: A Comparative Analysis of Performance and Victim Care 

    Rumney, P; McPhee, D; Fenton, RA; et al. (Taylor & Francis (Routledge), 2019)
    This article examines quantitative and qualitative data in an analysis of the workings of a specialist rape investigation unit and compares its performance with a non-specialist investigative approach over a two-year ...
  • Universal Human Rights? Breaking the Institutional Barriers Facing Climate-Vulnerable Small-Island Developing States 

    Venn, AL (Brill, 15 November 2017)
    There is a need to overcome the dichotomy in international responses to climate change between, on the one hand, a recognition of the significant threat posed by climate impacts for the continued enjoyment of fundamental ...
  • Collateral Damage and the Enemy 

    Sari, A; Tinkler, K (Oxford University Press (OUP), 2019)
    The purpose of this paper is to determine whether a party to an armed conflict is bound to ensure that any incidental harm it may cause to enemy military personnel not or no longer liable to attack remains below a certain ...
  • The Inadequate Protection of Human Rights in Unfair Dismissal Law 

    Collins, P (Oxford University Press (OUP) for Industrial Law Society, 9 December 2017)
    Workers in the private sector have limited legal options if they believe that, by terminating the working relationship, the employer has infringed their human rights. In most cases, they must rely on an existing cause of ...
  • International Comparisons 

    Nousia, K (Informa Law from Routledge, 30 January 2019)
    Progress in automated driving can hardly be clearly distinguished from advances in other areas of technology. This includes areas such as robotics and autonomics, sensor technology and advances in information and communication ...

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