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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
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    19 April 20022002: a justice odyssey  Economides, Kim
    2010300 years of copyright law: a not so modest proposal for reform  Griffin, James G.H.
    30 April 20203D Printing and the Right to Privacy: Proposals for a Regulatory Framework  Jones, A; Griffin, J
    4 February 20193D printing: A sui generis right for the convergent technology  Griffin, JGH
    20 June 2018The acceptable face of capitalism: law, corporations and economic wellbeing  Njoya, W
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    28 September 2020Accessibility and Open GLAM  Wallace, A
    28 September 2020Accessibility and Open GLAM  Wallace, A
    2021Accountability, Populism and Expertise: The United Kingdom Government's Response to Covid-19  Girard, R
    1 June 1999Addressing the Legal Status of Cohabitation in Britain and France: Plus ça change...?  Barlow, Anne; Probert, Rebecca
    30 June 2019Administrative Law  Rolland, F
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    31 January 2019The Arbitration Act 1996: Time for Reform?  Nousia, KP