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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    24 May 2013Asymmetry of spin wave dispersions in a hexagonal magnonic crystal  Montoncello, F; Tacchi, S; Giovannini, L; et al.
    7 March 2019Do Images of Biskyrmions Show Type-II Bubbles?  Loudon, JC; Twitchett-Harrison, AC; Cortés-Ortuño, D; et al.
    21 February 2017Emergent propagation modes of ferromagnetic swimmers in constrained geometries  Bryan, MT; Shelley, SR; Parish, MJ; et al.
    18 July 2016Exploring carbon nanotubes / BaTiO3 / Fe3O4 Nanocomposites as microwave absorbers  Bychanok, D; Gorokhov, G; Meisak, D; et al.
    28 April 2017Fully carbon metasurface: Absorbing coating in microwaves  Bychanok, D; Li, S; Gorokhov, G; et al.
    4 January 2016Hollow carbon spheres in microwaves: Bio inspired absorbing coating  Bychanok, D; Li, S; Sanchez-Sanchez, A; et al.
    1 December 2018Investigation of magnetic droplet solitons using x-ray holography with extended references  Burgos-Parra, E; Bukin, N; Sani, S; et al.
    9 March 2017Magnetically controlled ferromagnetic swimmers  Hamilton, JK; Petrov, PG; Winlove, CP; et al.
    17 January 2018A new class of magnetically actuated pumps and valves for microfluidic applications  Hamilton, J; Bryan, MT; Gilbert, AD; et al.
    31 October 2016Time-resolved imaging of magnetic vortex dynamics using holography with extended reference autocorrelation by linear differential operator  Bukin, N; McKeever, C; Burgos-Parra, E; et al.