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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    1 March 2007An asymmetry detected in the disk of κ Canis Majoris with AMBER/VLTI  Meilland, A; Millour, F; Stee, P; et al.
    12 September 2006Constraining the wind launching region in Herbig Ae stars: AMBER/VLTI spectroscopy of HD 104237  Tatulli, E; Isella, A; Natta, A; et al.
    13 November 2006Direct constraint on the distance of γ2 Velorum from AMBER/VLTI observations  Millour, F; Petrov, RG; Chesneau, O; et al.
    20 February 2007Disk and wind interaction in the young stellar object MWC 297 spatially resolved with AMBER/VLTI  Malbet, F; Benisty, M; de Wit, W-J; et al.
    29 November 2015The EChO science case  Tinetti, G; Drossart, P; Eccleston, P; et al.
    20 February 2007Interferometric data reduction with AMBER/VLTI. Principle, estimators, and illustration  Tatulli, E; Millour, F; Chelli, A; et al.
    12 September 2006Near-infrared interferometry of η Carinae with spectral resolutions of 1 500 and 12 000 using AMBER/VLTI  Weigelt, G; Kraus, S; Driebe, T; et al.
    1 March 2007Optical configuration and analysis of the AMBER/VLTI instrument  Robbe-Dubois, S; Lagarde, S; Petrov, RG; et al.
    12 September 2014Study of the sub-AU disk of the Herbig B[e] star HD 85567 with near-infrared interferometry  Vural, J; Kraus, Stefan; Kreplin, Alexander; et al.
    25 August 2021VLTI-MATISSE chromatic aperture-synthesis imaging of η Carinae's stellar wind across the Br α line: Periastron passage observations in February 2020  Weigelt, G; Hofmann, KH; Schertl, D; et al.