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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    20 November 2019Coherent ac spin current transmission across an antiferromagnetic CoO insulator  Li, Q; Yang, M; Klewe, C; et al.
    26 April 2020Coherent transfer of spin angular momentum by evanescent spin waves within antiferromagnetic NiO  Dąbrowski, M; Nakano, T; Burn, DM; et al.
    15 July 2020Electrical Detection of DC Spin Current Propagation Through an Epitaxial Antiferromagnetic NiO Layer  Newman, DG; Dabrowski, M; Keatley, PS; et al.
    5 April 2020Element- and Time-Resolved Measurements of Spin Dynamics Using X-ray Detected Ferromagnetic Resonance  Klewe, C; Li, Q; Yang, M; et al.