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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    26 April 2020Coherent transfer of spin angular momentum by evanescent spin waves within antiferromagnetic NiO  Dąbrowski, M; Nakano, T; Burn, DM; et al.
    18 October 2017Dependence of spin pumping and spin transfer torque upon Ni81Fe19 thickness in Ta/Ag/Ni81Fe19/Ag/Co2MnGe/Ag/Ta spin-valve structures  Durrant, CJ; Shelford, LR; Valkass, RAJ; et al.
    11 August 2016Direct Detection of Pure ac Spin Current by X-Ray Pump-Probe Measurements.  Li, J; Shelford, LR; Shafer, P; et al.
    5 April 2020Element- and Time-Resolved Measurements of Spin Dynamics Using X-ray Detected Ferromagnetic Resonance  Klewe, C; Li, Q; Yang, M; et al.
    30 July 2019Expanding the Lorentz concept in magnetism  Bowden, GJ; van der Laan, G; Hesjedal, T; et al.
    11 February 2016Holographic imaging of magnetization in a single layer nano-contact spin transfer oscillator  Parra, EOB; Bukin, N; Dupraz, M; et al.
    1 December 2018Investigation of magnetic droplet solitons using x-ray holography with extended references  Burgos-Parra, E; Bukin, N; Sani, S; et al.
    6 November 2020Optically and microwave induced magnetization precession in [Co/Pt]/NiFe exchange springs  Dabrowski, M; Frisk, A; Burn, DM; et al.
    31 October 2016Time-resolved imaging of magnetic vortex dynamics using holography with extended reference autocorrelation by linear differential operator  Bukin, N; McKeever, C; Burgos-Parra, E; et al.
    26 October 2021Transition metal synthetic ferrimagnets: tuneable media for all-optical switching driven by nanoscale spin current  Da̧browski, M; Scott, JN; Hendren, WR; et al.