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  • The H-band Emitting Region of the Luminous Blue Variable P Cygni: Spectrophotometry and Interferometry of the Wind 

    Richardson, ND; Schaefer, GH; Gies, DR; Chesneau, O; Monnier, JD; Baron, F; Che, X; Parks, JR; Matson, RA; Touhami, Y; Clemens, DP; Aldoretta, EJ; Morrison, ND; ten Brummelaar, TA; McAlister, HA; Kraus, S; Ridgway, ST; Sturmann, J; Sturmann, L; Taylor, B; Turner, NH; Farrington, CD; Goldfinger, PJ (American Astronomical Society / IOP Publishing, 2013-05-14)
    We present the first high angular resolution observations in the near-infrared H band (1.6 μm) of the luminous blue variable star P Cygni. We obtained six-telescope interferometric observations with the CHARA Array and the ...