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  • SEDIGISM: Structure, excitation, and dynamics of the inner Galactic interstellar medium 

    Schuller, F; Csengeri, T; Urquhart, JS; Duarte-Cabral, A; Barnes, PJ; Giannetti, A; Hernandez, AK; Leurini, S; Mattern, M; Medina, SNX; Agurto, C; Azagra, F; Anderson, LD; Beltrán, MT; Beuther, H; Bontemps, S; Bronfman, L; Dobbs, CL; Dumke, M; Finger, R; Ginsburg, A; Gonzalez, E; Henning, T; Kauffmann, J; Mac-Auliffe, F; Menten, KM; Montenegro-Montes, FM; Moore, TJT; Muller, E; Parra, R; Perez-Beaupuits, JP; Pettitt, A; Russeil, D; Sánchez-Monge, A; Schilke, P; Schisano, E; Suri, S; Testi, L; Torstensson, K; Venegas, P; Wang, K; Wienen, M; Wyrowski, F; Zavagno, A (EDP Sciences for European Southern Observatory (ESO), 2017-05-01)
    olution of the interstellar medium. Many large-scale surveys of the Galactic plane have been conducted recently, allowing for rapid progress in this field. Nevertheless, a sub-arcminute resolution global view of the ...