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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    2008Absoluimus uos uice beati petri apostolorum principis. Episcopal authority and the reconciliation of excommunicants in England and Frankia c. 900-c.1050  Hamilton, Sarah
    21 April 2017Acting in the Face of Strangers: a Response to Jane Bennett’s Political Ecology  Florencio, J
    1 January 2015Adaptations of Joyce in the Fiction of Patrick McCabe  McWilliams, EM
    2015Admiring others: Persians and Xenophon  Mitchell, Lynette G.
    2000Aether  Noakes, Richard
    4 May 2015Afterword  Fusaro, M
    23 October 2014Alexander, Agathos Daimon and Ptolemy: the Alexandrian foundation myth in dialogue  Ogden, Daniel
    15 February 2019The always-not-yet / always-already of voice perception: training towards vocal presence  Thomaidis, K
    2019American-Irish Literary Relations  McWilliams, EM
    28 August 2014Animal magic  Ogden, Daniel
    10 August 2018Apocalypticism and the rhetoric of reform in Italy around the year 1000  Roach, LAN
    1987Appendix 2. The Claypool Study  Bradley, Bruce A.; Stanford, Dennis J.
    31 October 2013Aquinas's commentary on the metaphysics  Galluzzo, Gabriele
    2011Archäologische und archäometrische Analysen der awarenzeitlichen Keramik von Zillingtal, Burgenland, Österreich (Archaeological and Archaeometric Analysis of the Avar Period Ceramics from Zillingtal, Burgenland, Austria)  Herold, Hajnalka
    2014Archäometrische Analysen spätantiker Keramik aus Halbturn, Burgenland, Österreich (Archaeometric Analysis of Ceramics from the Late Antique Period from Halbturn, Burgenland, Austria)  Herold, Hajnalka
    2009Archäometrische Untersuchungen frühmittelalterlicher Keramik aus Frohsdorf, Pitten und Erlach, Niederösterreich (Archaeometric Analysis of Early Medieval Ceramic Finds from the Sites of Frohsdorf, Pitten and Erlach, Lower Austria)  Herold, Hajnalka
    1 September 2014Are religions prejudiced? Religion and disability  Cornwall, SM
    27 September 2017Aristotle's Metaphysics  Galluzzo, G
    31 October 2017Arson in Modern Ireland: Fire and Protest before the Famine  Clark, GM
    2003The art of the unprinted: transcription and English antiquity in the age of print  Crick, Julia