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  • Interactive theatre: drama as social intervention 

    Somers, John William (University of Exeter, 1 June 2008)
    In the book Performing Communities, Bill Rauch, Artistic Director of US-based Cornerstone Theater Company, is quoted as saying: You cannot predict what art changes. You’re naïve if you think you know you’re going to change ...
  • Music in therapy: increasing possibilities for action 

    Ruud, Even (University of Exeter, 1 June 2008)
    The article discusses how music therapy, considered as a discipline as well as arenas of different practices and theoretical models, may contribute to our understanding of how music may influence our actions. Among the ...
  • Listen! 

    Hennion, Antoine (University of Exeter, 1 June 2008)
    This article reformulates the sociology of music as an exercise that is not content with merely circling around music, either in order to give it a context or to turn it into a social resource for any kind of claim. By ...
  • Arts in ecology: questions of foresight 

    Haley, David (University of Exeter, 1 June 2008)
    First, to reflect upon the title, ‘Music and Arts in Action’. We might, for certain purposes, consider a coming together of art forms and disciplines. Not the crossovers, mergers and interdisciplinary dialectical fusions ...
  • White Power music and the mobilization of racist social movements 

    Corte, Ugo; Edwards, Bob (University of Exeter, 1 June 2008)
    At the end of the 1970s a racist rock music movement known as White Power music emerged in Great Britain in connection with political parties of the extreme right and remains a vibrant force in racist social movements ...

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