Surface plasmon polaritons on narrow-ridged short-pitch metal gratings

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Surface plasmon polaritons on narrow-ridged short-pitch metal gratings

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Title: Surface plasmon polaritons on narrow-ridged short-pitch metal gratings
Author: Hooper, Ian R.
Sambles, J. Roy
Citation: 66 (20), article 205408
Publisher: American Physical Society
Journal: Physical Review B
Date Issued: 2002
DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevB.66.205408
Abstract: The reflectivity of short pitch metal gratings consisting of a series of narrow Gaussian ridges in the classical mount has been modeled as a function of frequency and in-plane wave vector (the plane of incidence containing the grating vector) for various ridge heights. Surface plasmon polaritons (SPP’s) are found to be excited even in the zero-order region of the spectrum. These may result in strong absorption of radiation polarized with its electric field in the plane of incidence (transverse magnetic). For zero in-plane wave vector the SPP modes consist of a symmetric charge distribution on either side of the grating ridges, a family of these modes existing with different numbers of field maxima per grating period. Because of the charge symmetry these modes may only be coupled to at angles away from normal incidence where strong resonant absorption may then occur. The dispersion of these SPP modes as a function of the in-plane wave vector is found to be complex arising from the formation of very large band gaps due to the harmonic content of the grating profile, the creation of a pseudo high-energy mode, and through strong interactions between different SPP bands.
Type: Article
Description: Ian R. Hooper and J. Roy Sambles, Physical Review B, Vol. 66, article 205408 (2002). "Copyright © 2002 by the American Physical Society."
ISSN: 1098-01211550-235X

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