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  • Anarchy and IR Theory: A Reconsideration 

    Havercroft, J; Prichard, A (SAGE Publications, 2017-10-02)
    In this introduction to the special issue, we undertake a little ground clearing in order to make room in IR for thinking differently about anarchy and world politics. Anarchy’s roots in, and association with social contract ...
  • Long-span Bridges: Enhanced data fusion of GPS displacement and deck accelerations 

    Xu, Y; Brownjohn, J; Hester, D; Koo, KI (Elsevier, 2017)
    Displacement data under operational loads are an important aid for the estimation of structural performance, but accurate measurement of structural displacement remains as a challenging task, especially for long-span ...
  • Zero reflection and transmission in graded index media 

    King, CG; Horsley, SAR; Philbin, TG (Springer Verlag, 2016-05-06)
    Graded index media whose electric susceptibility satisfies the spatial Kramers-Kronig relations are known to be one-way reflectionless to electromagnetic radiation, for all angles of incidence. We demonstrate how a family ...
  • Life Out of Death—Violent FX and Its Vivacious Power 

    Johnson, PS (Taylor & Francis (Routledge), 2017-03-21)
    This article examines the use of digital visual effects in violently disturbing films and how they reformulate them into newly observable cinematic imagery. It discusses how visual effects show cinematic violence as producing ...
  • The Famine Project: Structuring Data 

    Stringer, GB (University of Exeter, 2015)
    A report on current technologies deployed in the AHRC-funded project "Famine & Dearth in India & Britain, 1550-1800", presented at the workshop: Food Security and the Environment in India and Britain: historical and cultural ...
  • Workflow, Responsibility and Quality Control for Digital Editions: A Case Study 

    Stringer, GB (DRHA, 2009-09)
    The modern digital edition of a literary work is most often a collaborative product, with many contributors participating in the process of production, from the planning and image capture phases through to the electronic ...

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