Collective resonances in gold nanoparticle arrays

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Collective resonances in gold nanoparticle arrays

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Title: Collective resonances in gold nanoparticle arrays
Author: Auguié, Baptiste
Barnes, William L.
Citation: 101 (14), article 143902
Publisher: American Physical Society
Journal: Physical Review Letters
Date Issued: 2008
DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.101.143902
Abstract: We present experimental evidence of sharp spectral features in the optical response of 2D arrays of gold nanorods. A simple coupled dipole model is used to describe the main features of the observed spectral line shape. The resonance involves an interplay between the excitation of plasmons localized on the particles and diffraction resulting from the scattering by the periodic arrangement of these particles. We investigate this interplay by varying the particle size, aspect ratio, and interparticle spacing, and observe the effect on the position, width, and intensity of the sharp spectral feature.
Type: Article
Description: Baptiste Auguié and William L. Barnes, Physical Review Letters, Vol. 101, article 143902 (2008). Copyright © 2008 by the American Physical Society.
Keywords: Plasmon resonancesLine-shapesScatteringParticleLightLithographyExtinctionLineshapesGratingsOptics
ISSN: 0031-90071079-7114

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