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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    2007Best Practice Policies for Small & Medium-Sized Enterprises  Murray, Gordon
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    1 October 2009Corporate social responsibility among low-fares airlines: current practices and future trends  Coles, Tim; Dinan, Claire; Fenclova, Emily
    1 October 2009Corporate social responsibility: issues for future development in the low-fares airlines sector  Coles, Tim; Dinan, Claire; Fenclova, Emily
    1 June 2014The definition, measurement, and evaluation of tax expenditures and tax reliefs  Myles, Gareth D.; Hashimzade, Nigar; Heady, Chris; et al.
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    1 July 2010Ending compulsory annuitisation: what are the consequences?  Blake, David; Cannon, Edmund; Tonks, Ian
    1 January 2003Finnish Industry Investment ltd: an International Evaluation  Murray, Gordon; Maula, M. V. J.
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    1 December 2000Leadership Development in Small and Medium Sized Enterprises: Phase 1 Report  Bolden, Richard; Terry, Rohini
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