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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    1 March 2003Ambiguity and social interaction  Eichberger, Jürgen; Kelsey, David; Schipper, Burkhard C.
    1 November 2006Ambiguity in financial markets: herding and contrarian behaviour  Ford, J.L.; Kelsey, David; Pang, Wei
    1 July 2006Application of new venture-capital-investing decision-making-mechanism in education  Gyoshev, Stanley B.
    1 October 2007Are the treasures of game theory ambiguous?  Eichberger, Jürgen; Kelsey, David
    1 December 2007Asymmetric first-price auctions with uniform distributions: analytic solutions to the general case  Kaplan, Todd R.; Zamir, Shmuel
    2006Asymmetry of Shocks and Convergence in Selected Asean Countries: A Dynamic Analysis  Cortinhas, Carlos
    1 October 2003Auctions with private entry costs  Kaplan, Todd R.; Sela, Aner
    2006Audit within the corporate governance paradigm  Gwilliam, David; Marnet, Oliver
    1 November 2005Behavioural Models of Long-Run Returns Reversals: Evidence from Returns Following Profit Warnings  Bulkley, George; Herrerias, Renata
    2007The Benefits of a more Strategic Approach to Tax Administration and the Role of Performance Indicators  James, Simon; Svetalekth, Thamrongsak; Wright, Brian
    1 February 2010The benefits of costly voting  Chakravarty, Surajeet; Kaplan, Todd R.; Myles, Gareth D.
    1 August 2004Biases in Estimating Long Run Abnormal Returns and Conditional Measures of Performance: The Evidence on Takeovers Re-Examined  Gregory, Alan; Matatko, John
    28 October 2016Bilateral trading and incomplete information: Price convergence in a small market (working paper)  Chatterjee, K; Das, K
    2014Board governance and corporate performance in the UK  Shaukat, Amama; Trojanowski, Grzegorz
    2004A break-even analysis of UK universities  McMeeking, Kevin P.
    1 December 2006Britain's single currency debate of the late 1860s  Maloney, John
    2014Broken Contracts and Hidden Partnerships: Theory and Experiment  Chen, J; Houser, D
    2010Business corruption: cheating the system or using opportunities?  Porkess, Katie; Schroeder, Jonathan
    1 March 2007Can Behavioural Finance Explain the Term Structure Puzzles?  Bulkley, George; Harris, Richard D. F.; Nawosah, Vivekanand
    1 July 2007Can the Cross-Sectional Variation in Expected Stock Returns Explain Momentum?  Bulkley, George; Nawosah, Vivekanand