For and against ownership: William Godwin's theory of property

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For and against ownership: William Godwin's theory of property

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Title: For and against ownership: William Godwin's theory of property
Author: Lamb, Robert
Citation: 71(2), pp.275-302
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Journal: The Review of Politics
Date Issued: 2009-03
DOI: 10.1017/S0034670509000345
Abstract: This article offers an interpretation of British philosopher William Godwin's theory of property ownership, as outlined in his Enquiry Concerning Political Justice. Godwin's work can be read as presenting an incoherent account of property rights, which, on the one hand, justifies its existence on seemingly utilitarian grounds while, on the other, impugns its legitimacy on egalitarian grounds. But the contradiction apparent in Godwin's position is actually illusory and can in fact be plausibly interpreted as comprising a coherent two-level understanding of political morality, wherein the right to own private property is best comprehended as a “right to do wrong.”
Type: Article
Description: © 2009 University of Notre Dame. 12 month embargo by the publisher. Article will be released in April 2010.
Keywords: Godwin, Williampropertyownership
ISSN: 0034-6705

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