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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    23 June 2009L'Africaine: 3me Acte, Scene I  Unknown author
    10 November 2009L'Optique: coloured print showing a zograscope in use  Unknown author
    24 June 2009La Curiosité  le Mire, Noel; Brakenburg, Reinier
    24 June 2009La Mode Illustree  Gilquin fils; La Mode Illustree; Toudouze, Anais
    10 November 2009Label from shadow theatre box: Tableaux lumineux animes / Illuminated moving pictures / Cuadros luminosos animados  Unknown author
    10 November 2009Label of shadow theatre box: Ombres chinoises / transformations instantanees  Unknown author
    10 November 2009Lady of the moon  Carlton; Whidden; Brisson, Carl
    10 November 2009lady vanishes  Collins; White, Ethel Lina
    10 November 2009Lana: the lady, the legend, the truth  New English Library; Turner, Lana; Turner, Lana
    10 November 2009Lantern lecturer's reading lamp  Unknown author
    10 November 2009Lantern slide of tiger  Carpenter & Westley
    10 November 2009Lantern slide: Prairie on Fire  Unknown author
    10 November 2009Lanterna magica  C., R.
    10 November 2009lanterne magique: dediee a son altesse serenissime Monseigneur le Prince Palatin du Rhin duc regnant des deux ponts  J.E. Schenau; Schenau, J.E.; Ouvrier, J.
    10 November 2009lanterne magique: Diogene faisant voir la lanterne magique a Alexandre  Aubert & Cie.; Aubert & Cie.; Cham
    10 November 2009Lapierre magic lantern: lanterne carre  Lapierre
    10 November 2009Larry Seman  Edwards, Ringer & Bigg; Imperial Tobacco Co. Ltd.
    10 November 2009Larry Seman: Vitagraph  Unknown author
    10 November 2009Last Action Hero The Official Moviebook  Boxtree; Newman, Steve; Marsh, Ed W.
    10 November 2009Last Action Hero: the 3-D board game that plays just like the movie  Unknown author