Recent Submissions

  • Queer livability: German sexual sciences and life writing 

    Linge, I (University of Michigan Press, 23 May 2023)
    This book brings together an exciting new archive of queer and trans voices from the history of sexual sciences in the German-speaking world. A new language to express possibilities of gender and sexuality emerged at the ...
  • Constructing the literary translator as a brand: Methodological considerations 

    Zhang, W (John Benjamins Publishing Company, 10 August 2023)
    Recent attention to the human aspects of translation and translators (e.g., Pym 2009 ; Kaindl et al. 2021 ) has resulted in a possible “human turn” ( Bergantino 2022 , 7) in translation studies, which brings new questions ...
  • Drugs, techno and the ecstasy of queer bodies 

    Florencio, J (SAGE Publications, 1 August 2023)
    In Cruising Utopia, José Muñoz writes that “drugs are a surplus that pushes one off course, no longer able to contribute labor power at the proper tempo” (2009, p. 154). Their pharmacology of unproductive time also interacts ...
  • Forensic rhetoric: Covid-19, the forum and the boundaries of healthcare evidence 

    Jones, D (BMJ Publishing Group, 17 August 2023)
    The COVID-19 pandemic has brought into sharp focus the shifting role of healthcare evidence in public health presentations. This article investigates the rhetoric of those presentations as a phenomenon indicating both ...
  • Pasolini, il futuro, la luna e gli altri 

    Parisi, L (Marsilio Editori, 2023)
    Vorrei rispondere in queste pagine a due domande: qual è lo spazio che il futuro ha nella visione delle cose di Pasolini? e quanta attenzione i lettori del futuro riserveranno alle opere di Pasolini? La risposta alla prima ...

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