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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    9 December 2022‘All the varieties of Nature’s works under ground’: the Geological Imagination of Alexander Pope  Zhuang, Y
    28 September 2018The Atlantic Project: After The Future (activity report)  Trevor, T
    28 September 2018The Atlantic Project: After The Future (guide)  Trevor, T
    21 February 2023Beckett and new media adaptation: From the literary corpus to the transmedia archive  Jones, DH
    28 April 2023Bilingual verse vocabularies  Hinton, T
    6 September 2022Book review: Die Konturen der Welt: Geschichte und Gegenwart visueller Bildung nach Otto Neurath Gernot Waldner, ed. Vienna: Mandelbaum Verlag, 2021. ISBN 978385476-966-8  Rahman, S
    1 September 2022The Care of the Flesh  Florêncio, J
    10 August 2023Constructing the literary translator as a brand: Methodological considerations  Zhang, W
    1 November 2022A Critical Introduction to Sex and Nature in the Anthropocene  Bezan, S; Linge, I
    5 June 2023Dare to wear: performing the prohibition of indiennes on the streets of Paris  Percival, M
    1 August 2023Drugs, techno and the ecstasy of queer bodies  Florencio, J
    29 August 2023Embodied and experiential immersion into transculturality: learning Italian thorough ethnography and translation  Maestri, E
    17 August 2023Forensic rhetoric: Covid-19, the forum and the boundaries of healthcare evidence  Jones, D
    2024France  Hinton, T
    6 April 2023“A hitherto unheard-of and harmful thing”: Breastfeeding and Violence in Russian Literature  Maguire, M
    13 April 2023The Intellectual and Cultural Origins of Chaïm Perelman and Lucie Olbrechts-Tyteca’s New Rhetoric Project. Commentaries On and Translations of Seven Foundational Articles, 1933-1958  Bolduc, M; Frank, DA
    15 July 2022Introduction to a special Cultural Commons section on It’s a Sin  Needham, G; Florêncio, J
    22 December 2022Introduction: in honour of Adalgisa Giorgio  Horvath, C; Maestri, E
    2023Le forme dell'immaginazione nei romanzi di Domenico Starnone ed Elena Farrante  Parisi, L
    2023Medieval vernacular works of rhetoric  Bolduc, M