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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    2023‘Are we having fun yet?’: The Starz television network and Party Down as indie TV  Lyons, J
    1 June 2021Book review: 'Gender, citizenship, and identity in the Indian blogosphere: Writing the everyday' by Sumana Kasturi  Deshbandhu, A
    7 October 2022Building planetary preparedness: The Arctic Circle as space weather sentinel territory  Taylor, ARE
    30 January 2023Cloud Backup and Restore: The Infrastructure of Digital Failure  Taylor, ARE
    30 September 2022Cloudwork: Data Centre Labour and the Maintenance of Media Infrastructure  Taylor, ARE
    30 November 2022Cognitive Dissonance in Social Media and Face-to-Face Interactions in Relation to the Legacy of War  Vico, S
    22 February 2023Concrete clouds: Bunkers, data, preparedness  Taylor, ARE
    28 July 2022Developing a ludic framework for counteracting interventions for dementia: A narrative and analytic review  Deshbandhu, A; Innamuri, R; Kattula, D
    19 May 2023Ichneutai by Sophocles: The invention of (theatre) music?  Thomaidis, K; Roesner, D; Taylor, M
    1 September 2022Introduction: On air  O'Malley, E; Preedy, CK
    27 September 2022Living Film Histories: Researching at the Bill Douglas Cinema Museum  Wickham, P; Hanson, H
    31 July 2022Ludic Prognostication. Games as Sites for Simulating the Future  Deshbandhu, A
    7 December 2022“Mundane” Performance: Theatre Outdoors and Earthly Pleasures  O'Malley, E; Turner, C; Garcia, G
    14 December 2022Navarasa Sadhana 50th Anniversary: An embodied exploration of sringara  Ciampi, G
    19 July 2021Postcolonial pandemic publics: examining social media health promotion in India during the COVID-19 crisis.  Roy, D; Das, M; Deshbandhu, A
    31 December 2022Powering ‘smart’ futures: data centres and the energy politics of digitalisation  Ortar, N; Taylor, ARE; Velkova, J; et al.
    20 July 2022The Red Flag and Other Signs: Reconstructing Socialist Identity in Protest as Performance  Hillman, R
    28 November 2022Repurposing a WhatsApp group: How a fantasy cricket group transformed into a site of care and support during India's second wave of Covid-19  Deshbandhu, A; Sahni, S
    2 November 2022Spain’s ‘first feminist film’: Feminism and Francoism, Margarita and the Wolf (Cecilia Bartolomé 1969)  Faulkner, S
    25 November 2022Transadaptation and Bollywoodisation in Tanika Gupta’s Hobson’s Choice and Wah! Wah! Girls  Daboo, J