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This collection contains response data from parents and teachers relating to the Future Memories in Place project.

‘I think it was an excellent learning experience…’ (Anon parent)

‘The workshops definitely made our pupils think differently about landscape and activities opened their eyes to a new way of working […] If the project was done at a different time of year we would do the project again..’ (Ceri Pugh, Head of Art, Morriston Comprehensive School)

‘Yes!’ we would do the project again, ‘The story telling element at the waterfront was a huge hit[…] Time was the biggest constraint’ ( Rachel Hughes, teacher Cila, primary school)

‘Looking at the artifacts, the children loved this[…] Alternative mapping was very interesting […]singing the blues – very innovative […]’ ( Miss Taylor, teacher CRC, primary school)

Recent Submissions

  • Parent and Teacher Feedback - Raw 

    Isayev, Elena; Webster, Catrin (University of Exeter, 2013-01-15)
    This item contains scans of the feedback sheets filled in by the parents of school pupils that participated in the AHRC-funded 'Future Memory in Place' project. This project united visual art and ancient history through ...

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