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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    15 February 2019The always-not-yet / always-already of voice perception: training towards vocal presence  Thomaidis, K
    12 December 2019Between preservation and renewal: reconsidering technology in contemporary Pansori training  Thomaidis, K
    1 January 2016Can it be you that I hear?  Macpherson, B; Thomaidis, K
    2020Dramaturging the I-voicer in A Voice Is. A Voice Has. A Voice Does.: Methodologies of autobiophony  Thomaidis, K
    12 December 2019Editorial: What is New in Voice Training?  Thomaidis, K
    2015Introduction: Voice(s) as a method and an in-Between  Thomaidis, K
    1 April 2019Listening Across  Thomaidis, K
    2015Musicianship above all? New perspectives on training towards integrated bel canto performance  Thomaidis, K
    2020A phonotechnics of vocal somaticity: an autobiophonic note  Thomaidis, K
    22 May 2015The re-vocalization of logos? Thinking, doing and disseminating voice  Thomaidis, K
    9 July 2019Rethinking Theatre Voices  Thomaidis, K
    1 March 2014The revocalization of logos? Thinking, doing and disseminating voice  Thomaidis, K
    2014Singing From Stones: Physiovocality and Gardzienice's Theatre of Musicality  Thomaidis, K
    1 April 2018Towards a Hopeful Plurality of Democracy: An Interview on Vocal Ontology with Adriana Cavarero  Cavarero, A; Thomaidis, K; Pinna, I
    1 October 2016Undesigning sound: AdriftPM’s Portable Soundscapes  Thomaidis, K; Theodoridou, N
    1 May 2016Verbatim practices, the acoustics of training, and giving voice: a voice studies afterthought  Thomaidis, K
    12 April 2013The vocal body  Thomaidis, K
    1 May 2016Voice in devising/devising through voice: A conversation with Mikhail Karikis, Elaine Mitchener and Jessica Walker  Karikis, M; Mitchener, E; Walker, J; et al.
    1 January 2016‘The voice is the guide to the experience as well as the experience itself’: An interview with non zero one  Thomaidis, K; Butcher, S
    12 December 2017Voice: Forensics & Performance  Thomaidis, K