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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    1 November 2005Accent levelling and accent localisation in northern French: Comparing Nancy and Rennes  Boughton, Zoë
    21 April 2017Acting in the Face of Strangers: a Response to Jane Bennett’s Political Ecology  Florencio, J
    1 July 2004The alternation between l'on and on in spoken French  Coveney, Aidan
    2008Alternative Inheritances: Rethinking What Adaptation Might Mean in Francois Ozon's Le Temps qui reste [Time to Leave]  Handyside, Fiona
    2017Ancients, moderns, gender: Marie-Jeanne L’Héritier’s Le Parnasse reconnoissant ou le triomphe de Madame Des-Houlières  Taylor, HM
    1 October 2017Anglo-French in the Thirteenth Century: A Reappraisal of Walter de Bibbesworth's 'Tretiz'  Hinton, TG
    6 March 2019An Anglo-Norman Reader. By Jane Bliss  Mills, E
    2011“Avoir la puce en l’oreille”: Voices of Desire in Alain Chartier’s Debat Reveille Matin and Guillaume Alexis’ Le Debat de l’omme mondain et du religieulx  Cayley, EJ
    8 April 2018Baudelaire and Other People  Scott, MC; Wettlaufer, AK
    1 April 2018Baudelaire’s “L’Étranger” and the Limits of Mind-Reading  Scott, MC
    29 April 2015Between Manuscript and Print: Literary Reception in Late Medieval France  Cayley, EJ
    1 July 2017Book review: Le Français médiéval par les textes: anthologie commentée. Sous la direction de Joëlle Ducos, Olivier Soutet et Jean-René Valette  Mills, E
    1 July 2018Book review: The French of Medieval England: Essays in Honour of Jocelyn Wogan-Browne. Edited by Thelma Fenster and Carolyn P. Collette  Mills, E
    31 May 2018Breeding futures: masculinity and the ethics of CUMmunion in Treasure Island Media's Viral Loads  Florencio, J
    19 June 2018Bussy-Rabutin's Positioning of ‘Postérité’  Taylor, HM
    1 June 2017Chrétien de Troyes’ Lancelot, ou le Chevalier de la Charrette: Courtly Love  Hinton, TG
    1 July 2014Ciaran Carson’s The Alexandrine Plan and two versions of a fantasy  Watt, Adam
    2019A Commentary on and Translation of Chaim Perelman’s 1933 “De l’arbitraire dans la connaissance” [On the Arbitrary in Knowledge]  Bolduc, M; Frank, DA
    4 January 2016Comparative Nonsense: French Galimatias and English Fustian  Roberts, Hugh
    6 July 2017Computus at court: Rauf de Lenham's 'Kalender' (1256) and the transmission of technical knowledge  Mills, Edward