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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    24 November 201910-K Filing length and M&A returns  Chircop, J; Tarsalewska, M
    31 January 2018Buyouts under the threat of preemption  Tarsalewska, M
    7 April 2017Common auditors and cross-country M&A transactions  Chircop, J; Johan, S; Tarsalewska, M
    8 February 2020Does religiosity influence venture capital investment decisions?  Chircop, J; Johan, S; Tarsalewska, M
    28 June 2019End‐of‐day price manipulation and M&As  Cumming, D; Ji, S; Johan, S; et al.
    6 August 2015Equity Incentives and corporate fraud in China  Hass, LH; Tarsalewska, M; Zhan, F
    30 June 2020Ownership and Cross-Border Patent Sales in M&A Transactions  Tarsalewska, M
    15 February 2018Pre-Going Private Ownership Around the World  Cumming, DJ; Sannajust, A; Tarsalewska, M; et al.
    18 May 2020Public-to-Private Buyouts and Innovation  Cumming, DJ; Peter, R; Tarsalewska, M