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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    1 January 2015Ordering policy rules with an unconditional welfare measure  Damjanovic, Tatiana; Damjanovic, Vladislav; Nolan, Charles
    2014Quantitative easing and the loan to collateral value ratio  Damjanovic, Tatiana; Girdenas, Sarunas
    2010Relative price distortions and inflation persistence  Damjanovic, Tatiana; Nolan, Charles
    2011Second-order approximation to the Rotemberg model around a distorted steady state  Damjanovic, Tatiana; Nolan, Charles
    1 March 2010Seigniorage-maximizing inflation under sticky prices  Damjanovic, Tatiana; Nolan, Charles
    2015Stationarity of econometric learning with bounded memory and a predicted state variable  Damjanovic, Tatiana; Girdenas, Sarunas; Liu, Keqing
    2010Tax progressivity, income distribution and tax non-compliance  Damjanovic, Tatiana; Ulph, David