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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    22 November 2017Cadbury and the rise of the supermarket: innovation in marketing 1953-1975  Bailey, AR; Alexander, A
    10 January 2018An Evidence Based Methodology for Cultural Institutions Seeking to Identify and Profile their Local Populations  Hutchison, F; Bailey, AR; Coles, T
    3 September 2018Leadership development in public service mutuals: a practical guide  Hawkings, B; Harvey, WS; Bailey, AR; et al.
    8 May 2019Queuing as a Changing Shopper Experience: The Case of Grocery Shopping in Britain 1945-1975  Bailey, AR; Alexander, A; Shaw, G
    29 January 2018Students as human resources in the corporatised school  Vainker, S; Bailey, AR
    24 March 2018Sustainable supply chain management in developing countries: An analysis of the literature  Jia, F; Zuluaga, L; Bailey, AR; et al.