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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    20 June 201821st century innovation: What is the name of the new game?  Alexander, AT; Hopkinson, P; Miller, J; et al.
    10 June 2015An application of distributed simulation for hybrid modeling of offshore wind farms  Mustafee, Navonil; Sahnoun, M'Hammed; Smart, Andi; et al.
    1 June 2017A Bibliometric Study on Authorship Trends and Research Themes in Knowledge Management Literature  Jussila, J; Mustafee, N; Aramo-Immonen, H; et al.
    12 October 2016Building HR's reputation  Harvey, WS; Sealy, R
    2019Building situational awareness in the age of service ecosystems  Pujadas, R; Thompson, M; Venters, W; et al.
    19 June 2018A Capability Maturity Model for the Circular Economy: An Agri-food Perspective  Howard, MB; Boehm, S; Eatherley, D; et al.
    2017Changing organisational reputation in management consulting  Harvey, WS; Morris, T
    2017Changing organizational reputation in management consulting  Harvey, WS; Morris, T
    1 July 2016Considering Collectives: Roles, Members and Goals  Wood, Z
    2017Constructing Women Leaders’ Identity  Sealy, R
    13 December 2017Crossing (or not?) the 'valley of death': University-industry collaborative e-platforms  Albats, E; Alexander, AT
    1 September 2016Encouraging creativity in SME contexts – Reconceptualising HRM as a non-linear activity  Perkins, GM
    17 June 2016Entrepreneurial academic entrepreneurs: understanding micro social factors and legitimacy  Miller, K; Alexander, AT; Albats, E
    9 July 2018Executives’ network change and their promotability during a merger  Sung, W; Labianca, GJ; Fagan, JM
    1 January 2015Governance and Complex Performance: The Dynamic Interplay of Governance (Dys)functions.  Howard, Mickey; Roehrich, J; Lewis, M; et al.
    4 February 2019Hybrid simulation challenges and opportunities: A life-cycle approach  Eldabi, T; Brailsford, S; Djanatliev, A; et al.
    19 June 2016Innovation intermediaries in university-industry collaboration: analysis of online platforms  Albats, E; Figenbaum, I; Alexander, AT
    1 April 2017Investigating the use of real-time data in nudging patients' Emergency Department (ED) attendance behaviour  Mustafee, N; Powell, JH; Martin, S; et al.
    12 July 2015The performative idiom and PSMs  Yearworth, M; White, L; Ormerod, R
    1 September 2017Precarious Selves: Women’s leadership identity emergence  Sealy, R; Hawkins, B; Searle, R