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  • From funding gaps to thin markets: UK Government support for early-stage venture capital 

    Nightingale, Paul; Murray, Gordon; Cowling, Marc; Baden-Fuller, Charles; Mason, Colin; Siepel, Josh; Hopkins, Mike; Dannreuther, Charles (National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts, 2009-09)
    'Hybrid' venture capital schemes backed by both private and public sector funding play an increasingly important role in the risk capital funding of early-stage firms with the potential for significant growth. We analysed ...
  • Innovative firms and growth: UK Innovation Survey 

    Coad, Alex; Cowling, Marc; Nightingale, Paul; Pellegrino, Gabriele; Savona, Maria; Siepel, Josh (Department for Business, Innovation & Skills, 2014)
    Over the last two decades there has been a growing realisation that the long run economic performance of nations, firms and industries is dependent on their ability to exploit technological innovation (Cohen, 2010). This ...