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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    20 March 2017Animal roles and traces in the history of medicine, c1880-1980  Cassidy, A; Mason Dentinger, R; Schoefert, K; et al.
    2018Animals and the shaping of modern medicine: One health and its histories  Woods, A; Bresalier, M; Cassidy, A; et al.
    1 March 2017Badger-human conflict: an overlooked historical context for bovine TB debates in the UK  Cassidy, A
    4 July 2015'Big science' in the field: experimenting with badgers and bovine TB, 1995-2015  Cassidy, A
    1 January 2014Communicating the social sciences: A specific challenge?  Cassidy, A
    1 April 2006Evolutionary psychology as public science and boundary work  Cassidy, A
    18 August 2012"Fox tots attack shock": Urban foxes, mass media and boundary-breaching  Cassidy, A; Mills, B
    6 March 2015One Health in History  Bresalier, M; Cassidy, A; Woods, A
    30 November 2016One Medicine? Advocating (Inter)disciplinarity at the Interfaces of Animal Health, Human Health, and the Environment  Cassidy, A
    1 April 2005Popular evolutionary psychology in the UK: an unusual case of science in the media?  Cassidy, A
    1 January 2012Risk communication and participatory research: ‘Fuzzy felt’, visual games and group discussion of complex issues  Cassidy, A; Maule, J
    15 April 2016Sexual Nature? (Re)presenting Sexuality and Science in the Museum  Cassidy, A; Lock, SJ; Voss, G
    1 May 2007The (sexual) politics of evolution: popular controversy in the late 20th-century United Kingdom.  Cassidy, A
    9 October 2019Vermin, victims and disease: British debates over bovine tuberculosis and badgers  Cassidy, A
    27 March 2012Vermin, Victims and Disease: UK Framings of Badgers In and Beyond the Bovine TB Controversy  Cassidy, A