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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    2009Analysis of socio-economic aspects of local and national organic farming markets  Lobley, M; Butler, A; Courtney, P; et al.
    19 March 2018Giving Sisyphus a helping hand : pathways for sustainable RIA systems in developing countries  Ladegaard, P; Lundqvist, P; Kamkhaji, JC
    1 April 2019Global Power Shifts, Rational Choice and Role Conflict: Explaining the Trajectories of the Central Maghreb Countries’ EU Policies since 2011  Fernandez-Molina, I
    30 June 2016Is there a future for the small family farm? A report to The Prince’s Countryside Fund  Winter, M; Lobley, MN
    1 November 2014Local Authority Officers and the Primary Authority Scheme: Survey Report  Dunlop, Claire A.; Jonathan C.; Radaelli, Claudio M.
    1 May 2019Low-intensity violence in crisis-ridden Greece: evidence from the far right and the far left. Policy brief  Georgiadou, V; Rori, L
    1 June 2012Making land available for woodland creation  Lobley, MN; Winter, H; Millard, N; et al.
    20 September 2018The Membership Journey: Understanding and Boosting Membership Today  Dommett, K; Power, S
    26 February 2018Mind the Gap: Comparing Foreign Policy Attitudes of Security Elites and the General Public the UK, Whitehall Report.  Thomson, CP
    8 November 2019Momentum for Negotiations on Western Sahara Will Fade  Fernandez-Molina, I
    2 January 2015Mythbusters Challenge Panel (MBCP) Case Analysis, Report for the Health and Safety Executive (HSE)  Dunlop, Claire A.
    9 June 2020NATO and CSDP: party and public positioning in Germany and France  Gavras, K; Scotto, T; Reifler, J; et al.
    23 October 2018Perceptions on NATO and Defence Policy. Public Opinion in the UK, France, Germany and the United States and Security Elite Views in the UK  Thomson, CP; Reifler, J; Scotto, T
    22 September 2020Platforming Equality: Policy Challenges for the Digital Economy  Muldoon, J; Stronge, W; Avila, R; et al.
    15 April 2019Russia’s “Strategic Deterrence” in Ukraine  Lewis, D
    18 January 2019Should there be another Brexit-referendum? Risks and opportunities  Kroger, S
    22 February 2021The South West Coast Path Health and Wellbeing Assessment Report 2020  Petersen, C
    1 July 2019Strategic Culture and Geography: Russia’s Southern Seas after Crimea  Lewis, D
    15 July 2019Strategic Culture and Russia’s “Pivot to the East”: Russia, China and “Greater Eurasia”  Lewis, D
    1 May 2016Tackling corruption in Uzbekistan: a "White Paper"  Lewis, DG