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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    2010Digital agility and digital decision-making conceptualising digital inclusion in the context of disabled learners in higher education  Seale, Jane; Draffan, E.A.; Wald, M.
    2010Doing student voice work in higher education: an exploration of the value of participatory methods.  Seale, Jane
    2 April 2015How can we confidently judge the extent to which student voice in higher education has been genuinely amplified? A proposal for a new evaluation framework  Seale, Jane
    2014Inclusive research in education: Contributions to method and debate  Seale, Jane; Nind, Melanie; Parsons, Sarah
    24 July 2015Negotiating a third space for participatory research with people with learning disabilities: An examination of boundaries and spatial practices  Seale, Jane; Nind, Melanie; Tilley, E; et al.
    2015Not the right kind of 'digital capital'? An examination of the complex relationship between disabled students, their technologies and higher education institutions  Seale, Jane; Georgeson, Jan; Mamas, Christoforos; et al.
    2014Power and resistance: Reflections on the rhetoric and reality of using participatory methods to promote student voice and engagement in higher education  Seale, Jane; Gibson, Suanne; Haynes, Joanna; et al.
    2014The role of supporters in facilitating the use of technologies by adolescents and adults with learning disabilities: A place for positive risk-taking?  Seale, Jane
    2012Transforming positive risk taking practices: the possibilities of creativity and resilience in learning disability contexts  Seale, Jane; Nind, Melanie; Simmons, Ben
    2012When digital capital is not enough: reconsidering the digital lives of disabled university students.  Seale, Jane